With this calculation tool you can easily estimate the complete consumption of material for gop Skyroof flat roof. When you have entered your specifications and requirements you will get a quote basis that you can print and take to your nearest retailer.

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Step 1 - Roof design

The calculation of the roof is made in five simple steps. Choose Next to proceed to the next step.

Start the calculation by choosing your roof type: shed roof or gable roof.

Shed roof

Gable roof

Step 2 - Color and thickness

gop Skyroof clear acrylic sheets are available in 10 mm thickness.

gop Skyroof flat roof is an ideal solution for those who want an open and bright roof over the patio. The design is modern, with fine symmetry between the transparent roof panels and the tailor-made profile system, and the assembly is simple. gop Skyroof is designed for Scandinavian conditions. The roof sheets are impact resistant, handle snow and cold and emit lots of beautiful light while keeping out the harmful UV radiation.

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10 mm clear Light transmission 92%

Step 3 - Dimensions

Select preferred width and length of the sheets. The width of the roof is 970 mm.

Have this in mind when planning your roof:

CC metric of the framework depends of the width of the sheet as follows:
Sheet width + 30 mm = CC spacing of the studs.

Step 4 - Accessories

We offer a well-developed system of accessories that extend the roof's lifespan and simplify installation, e.g. white aluminum profiles with pre-mounted rubber strip, drainage tape and mounting screws. The accessories listed below are optional accessories that can be added to your specification.

Wall connector

To attach the roof construction to the house we recommend using a wall connector. The wall connector prevents water dripping in between sheet and wall.

Weather strip 6 m

Placed on the transverse rails in the front, middle and rear edges of the roof slabs.

Step 5 - Roof specification

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